Love spreads

It's all very well us bigging up our services. But what do the reviews say?

The best advertising is word of mouth, and news of good service travels.

So here are just a few words delighted CoreMac Solutions customers have already shared.

"CoreMac Solutions means quality, simplicity and reassurance - all delivered with professionalism, speedy service and good humour.

"The only thing missing - and thank the stars for its absence - is the rushed, poorly finished work I've seen first-hand from other online companies. Instead, you get a quality of finish I can truly say is second to none."

Dominic Corder, Director @ Nottingham Institute

"My iPhone had been dropped several times and had a terribly cracked screen. It was just moments from the skip and I was even considering a Samsung as it's replacement - the horror!

Then CoreMac Solutions stepped in and all was calm again. Quick, superb quality and good value - things that are all important to me.

I'll know to keep a cool head next time and just get the experts on the case."

Darren Williams, Writer and Presenter

"Really appreciate your help and efficiency.

It's like having a new computer!”

Chrissie Dale, Owner @ Southwell Seedlings Ltd

"Top work! Thanks for energising and synchronising our Mac, iPhones and iPad Chris! And we are backing up too!!!”

Rob Carlisle, sustainablegarden.blogspot.com

"CoreMac Solutions provided a speedy, professional and friendly service. They kept me informed on progress and the price was more than reasonable!

I deal with a lot of companies and CoreMac Solutions are up there with the best for providing a great service.”

Charlotte Clifford, Office Manager @ Light Films Ltd